Chakra Stones and Pendulum Box Set, Healing Stones Set, Meditation Stone Box, Meditation Gift, Gift for Wiccan

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This Chakra Stones and Pendulum Box Set is perfect for the meditation practitioner. Featuring a variety of chakra stones, this meditation stone box is a beautiful addition to your meditation space or meditation room. This healing stone set has many uses and is the perfect gift for those who are into the healing energies of crystals. Perfect as a meditation tool, these beautiful meditation stones are used in chakra and reiki meditation practices.

This is an excellent gift for Wiccan or the person in your life who has an interest in crystal healing or pagan magic or even just as a good luck charm. The number of possibilities with this beautiful meditation stone are many.

Your set includes 7 tumbled gemstones, 1 Natural amethyst cluster, 1 natural geode, 1 natural Rose Quartz piece, 1 chakra pendulum and 2 x selenite cleansing wands. This gorgeous kit comes with everything you need in a crystal healing set.